“Trust Tovah Klein to help you navigate those confusing

—and sometimes infuriating—years from 2 to 5.

This is a compassionate book that helps parents see the world

from a toddler’s point of view.”

–Lawrence J. Cohen, Ph.D., author of The Opposite of Worry and Playful Parenting

“Dr. Klein has provided a critical resource for parents–she combines

state-of-the-science research with examples of and practical guidelines

for everyday toddler-parent interactions.”

–Nim Tottenham, Ph.D., developmental neuroscientist at UCLA

“If you have a toddler in your life

—or may have one soon—

this is the book for you.”

–Work-Family Life Newsletter

“Dr. Klein’s wonderful book is a parenting milestone,

unraveling the mysteries of your toddler

while helping you create a clear path for his or her future happiness and success.”

–Harley A. Rotbart, M.D., author of No Regrets Parenting:

Turning Long Days and Short Years into Cherished Memories with Your Kids

“Rarely does someone with so much knowledge write in a way

that is so accessible and heartwarming.”

–Kim John Payne, author of Simplicity Parenting,

Beyond Winning and The Soul of Discipline

“There are a lot of parenting books out there, but this one is unique—

it’s told from the point of view of the child!”

–Rosemarie T. Truglio, Ph.D.

Senior Vice President of Curriculum and Content at Sesame Workshop

“If you are interested in raising a self-confident, happy child bound for later success,

this is a book you will want to keep by your bedside.”

–Kathy Hirsh-Pasek, professor of psychology at

Temple University and author of Einstein Never Used Flashcards

“An easy-to-read source that explains what toddlers do, why they do it,

and whether you have to jump in or not.”

–Lenore Skenazy, author of Free-Range Kids:

How to Raise Safe, Self-Reliant Kids (Without Going Nuts With Worry)

“HOW TODDLERS THRIVE will be cherished by parents and professionals alike.”

–William Crain, author of Reclaiming Childhood:

Letting Children Be Children in Our Achievement-Oriented Society

“Tovah Klein’s book is as much about parenting as it is about toddlers.

Like a wise and practiced friend, she introduces us to the world of toddlers.”

–Samuel J. Meisels, Executive Director of the Buffett Early Childhood Institute

What Can You Do Today To Help Your Toddler Thrive?

How Toddlers ThriveI live in toddler-dom. Most people would not choose to spend their days immersed in toddlers. Toddler thinking, their behaviors, their perspective are so different from ours- or from anything we would consider socialized and civilized. As Director of the internationally renowned Barnard College Center for Toddler Development (known as the Toddler Center), I have the pleasure of living in the toddler world and seeing the world from their perspective. It is a different and often entertaining view of the world; at times odd or perplexing. I have worked at this magical place for two decades and spend my days thinking about, observing, studying, and interacting with toddlers. I consult to programs for young children throughout the world. I started working with this age group nearly 30 years ago, and the toddlers I encounter continue to interest and delight me year after year- not to mention my own three children I raised through this stage.


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In HOW TODDLERS THRIVE I’ve distilled these decades of experience with parents and children ages 2-5 into a book that gives you the tools you need to enjoy your interactions with your toddlers, and at the same time sow the seeds for a lifetime of success. My book helps parents understand the often-mystifying aspects of toddler behavior by unpacking the toddler mind, making sense of the unique combination of headstrong independence and need to be close by that can be perplexing to many of us. You’ll see that the key to parenting is a shift in perspective that views the world from your child’s point-of-view. I can promise that this shift will be utterly transformative, making your days with your children more fun, with clear routines, limits and boundaries.

My book helps parents to interact in ways that help you through the day to day struggles (like getting out the door, mealtime, bedtime, tantrums, defiant behavior, toilet training) and to ensure that your toddler receives the kinds of attention, guidance and interactions they need at this unique window in their lives to develop the crucial lifelong skills of resilience, self-reliance, self-regulation and empathy and compassion.

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I can help you “crack the toddler code” of every day behaviors that offer the opportunity to lay down a solid, lifelong foundation, including practical advice (“What to Do”) so that you can troubleshoot day-to-day challenges all parents face. By shifting your point of view, you’ll easily tackle the everyday moments, have fewer battles and enjoy your child more.

These years present a special time and when “done right” (or “right enough”), the years ahead also become much more harmonious for all involved. You will enable your child to become the person she or he is meant to be. One of the hardest pieces of being a parent is to be able to step back, look at our child, try to understand HIS OR HER experience of the world (which is very different from our experience as adults), and remember that it is our role to GUIDE and SUPPORT them into becoming the person they are meant to be. That is the promise of HOW TODDLERS THRIVE.

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